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22/12/ End Of Year Countdown
23/11/19Dance@Home (private party)
25/04/19Ori Uplift presents Uplifting Only
26/12/ End Of Year Countdown
10/02/18Dance@Home (private party)
21/12/ End Of Year Countdown
04/07/17Dirkie Coetzee presents We Are
01/04/17Dance@Home (private party)
28/12/ End Of Year Countdown
08/10/16Dance@Home (private party)
05/06/16Mente TrancePlay Trance Radio
03/06/ 10 Year Anniversary Massive
02/04/16Dance@Home (private party)
20/12/ End Of Year Countdown
13/09/15Crystal Clouds 12th Birthday
27/12/ End Of Year Countdown
15/09/14Crystal Clouds 11th Birthday
16/03/14We Call It TranceTrance Radio UK
25/12/ End Of Year Countdown
03/12/13Translucent WavesNew Electronic Family
23/11/13Travel To Infinity's Adventure 100
16/11/13Translucent Waves 100th Episode CelebrationLazer FM
28/09/13Dance@Home (private party)
24/08/13Crystal Clouds 10th Birthday
30/03/13Dance@Home (private party)
26/01/13Language Of Trance (Magic 7 Guestmix)EYE1 Radio
20/12/ End Of Year Countdown
24/08/12Crystal Clouds 9th Birthday
07/04/12Field Of SoundsWOS Radio
18/03/12Uplifting SeasonsDiscover Trance Radio
05/02/12Clubbin' Talent HourSLAM!FM
04/02/12Crystal Clouds Top TensDiscover Trance Radio
01/01/ End Of Year Countdown
17/12/11Field Of SoundsWOS Radio
25/11/11Quest4Trance NoxxAntwerpBelgium
10/09/11Dance@Home (private party)
30/08/11Crystal Clouds 8th Birthday
01/08/11From The
23/05/11D.U.T.C.H. RadioParty107
21/05/11Fusion Of Dance Festival (Sound Of Energy stage)WijthmenerplasZwolleNetherlands
02/04/11Dance@Home (private party)
22/01/ 3 Years Radio
01/01/ End Of Year Countdown
18/12/10Quest4Trance (Xmas Edition)LexionWestzaanNetherlands
06/12/10From The
30/10/10Crystal Clouds 7th Birthday
11/09/10Dance@Home (private party)
24/04/10Transaturday @ Pro FMPro FM
11/01/10The Crystal Clouds
27/12/ End Of Year Countdown
04/12/0915 Minutes Of Fame @ Tiesto's Club Life 140Radio 538