End Of Year Countdown 2018 : 26-12-2018

01 Jerom – Sunrise Vision (Dreamy Emotional Remix)
02 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Free Your Mind (Extended Mix)
03 Sava – Black Rainbow (Extended Mix)
04 Anthony Yarranton – The Embrace (Terry Bones Remix)
05 Ciro Visone & Semper T – The Rhythm Of Life (Original Mix)
06 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Synergy (Original Mix)
07 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Never Forget (Extended Mix)
08 Cederquist – When Light Falls (Settler Extended Remix)
09 Nikolauss – Lifdagar (Original Mix)
10 Tonerush – Hypogean Gaol (Extended Mix)
11 One Pale Ghost – Crossroads (Matt Farmer Extended Remix)

Download available at Soundcloud

Sunrise Vision 063 : 12-12-2018

01 Vitaliy Shot – The Run (Original Mix)
02 Michael Rehulka – Endless Love (Original Mix)
03 Jackob Roenald presents Renald – These Days (Extended Mix)
04 Michael Rehulka – New Horizons (Original Mix)
05 Drival – Daisy Flower (Original Mix)
06 Talamanca – Ocean Road (Original Mix)
07 Michael Rehulka – Sunset (Mark & Lukas Remix)
08 Mark Digital – Islands (Ron with Leeds Remix)
09 Ion Luca – Every Day Is A Chance (Original Mix)
10 Michael Rehulka – Pain In Your Heart (Original Mix)
11 Michael Rehulka – Glow Of The Past (Original Mix)

Visions 276 : 12-12-2018

01 Forion – You Know Nothing (Extended Mix)
02 Steem SL – Voices (Extended Mix)
03 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Never Forget (Extended Mix)
04 Baco – Tramonto (Extended Mix)
05 Robert Costin – Bring The Noise (Original Mix)
06 Syntouch – Northern Sunrise (Extended Mix)
07 Trevor McLachlan – Genesis (Pierre Pienaar Remix)
08 August Vila – Three Years Later (Original Mix)
09 Hyperphysics – Starlight (Original Mix)
10 Hyperphycron – Time Warp (Original Mix)

My new track with my friend Anoikis called Never Forget is out now on Digital Society Recordings, which is part of the massive and big Enhanced Music label group. This new release has already seen some nice support and is now available for you!

Digital Society Recordings: “Anoikis and Jerom bring a intriguing debut release to Digital Society Recordings in the rough & tough overtones of ‘Never Forget’. Bringing a cascading psy-influenced bassline to the label, ‘Never Forget’ delivers an exceptional debut from Anoikis and Jerom that captures the DS-R sound effortlessly. Big melodies accompanied with crunching bass sees ‘Never Forget’ deliver an outstanding label debut for Anoikis vs. Jerom.”

This track is now available at Beatport for example so be sure to grab your copy now by clicking on the artwork above!