The new Anoikis vs. Jerom track Solaris is out now on Trance All-Stars Records label TAR#138. The track is exclusively available on Beatport already and on Monday 15th July 2019 it will be available at all the known streaming and download portals as well!

Trance All-Stars Records: “Anoikis and Jerom are no newcomers as producers, that’s a fact. High support for many tracks and TAR#138 are just in love with this track called ‘Solaris’. The plucks in the intro lead the way through a path in life that might be far from straight, but we are present and alert. We listen to this track and are blown away by the small specifics which make this track even more special. The break is very emotional, and we feel drowned within by the trance feeling flushing over us while waiting for that drop and who can be disappointed of such a drop. The main melody is explicit. We can’t wait to release this track ‘Solaris’ by Anoikis and Jerom on TAR#138.”

Feel free to check it out by clicking on the image above and grab your copy if you dig the sounds!

Sunrise Vision 069 : 12-06-2019

01 Blufeld – Verve Valley (Original Mix)
02 Facade & Narel – Burn Your Idols (Facade Mix)
03 Mind Of One – Querencia (Chronosapien Remix)
04 Gary Afterlife – Winter Chills (Original Mix)
05 Mark Digital – Sedona (Original Mix)
06 Lukas Wieteszka – One Night Stand (Original Mix)
07 New Ordinance – Abyss (Original Mix)
08 Blufeld – Numinous (Original Mix)
09 Tom Bro – Roma (Original Mix)
10 Addictive Glance – Off Limits (Chronosapien Remix)
11 Tom Noize featuring Lorraine Gray – Sky Runs Out (Original Mix)

Visions 282 : 12-06-2019

01 Atlantic Dreams – Siolonia (Alexander Dyomin Remix)
02 Paul M & Christian C – El Cairo (Edonia Remix)
03 Luke Terry – Broken Promise (Vascotia Remix)
04 Kenan Teke – Multiverse (Extended Mix)
05 Neil Bamford – Saltreiam (Syntouch Remix)
06 Aleksey Karpovich – Winter Sun (Sergey Salekhov Remix)
07 Jameson Tullar – Cast A Spell (Original Mix)
08 Miroslav Vrlik – Uprising (Extended Mix)
09 Distant Identity – The Last Call (Original Mix)
10 K.E.K.A. – Counterpart (Extended Mix)

Sunrise Vision 068 : 08-05-2019

01 Facade & Narel – Burn Your Idols (Facade Mix)
02 Mark Digital – Sumatra (Original Mix)
03 Druce & Hidden Tigress – I Need Your Love (Original Mix)
04 Alex H – Khami (Original Mix)
05 Nygma – Lost In The Stars (Original Mix)
06 Alex H – Recitation (Original Mix)
07 Idra – Until Then (Alternative Mix)
08 New Ordinance – Abyss (Original Mix)
09 Push – Trance-porter (Progressive Refix)
10 Addictive Glance – Off Limits (Chronosapien Remix)