Visions 255 : 08-03-2017

01 Aero 21 – Purple Sky (Forion Remix)
02 Adam Diagon – Alien Dreams (Jerom Remix)
03 Syntouch & Angel Falls – Alone (Plutian Dub Mix)
04 Shane 54 vs. Abel Ramos – Kippenvelmeter (Krissz Remix)
05 Jerom – No Way Back (Phil Dinner Remix)
06 Highforcer – Ultimate (Courage & Evenfall Remix)
07 Thomas Nikki – In The Clouds (Original Mix)
08 Marcprest – Across The Universe (Extended Mix)
09 Marco Mc Neil – Powerslam (Original Mix)
10 Kiyoi & Eky – Never Come Back (Original Mix)

My new track called No Way Back, which comes with an Original Mix, Derek Palmer Remix and Phil Dinner Remix, is out now on Sundance Recordings and exclusively available at Beatport. On March 13th 2017 it will be available at all other known download portals as well!

Sundance Recordings: “Debuting on Sundance Recordings, the Netherlands DJ and producer Jerom brings the heat with his latest track called ‘No Way Back’, an extraordinary euphoric that will definitely uplift you.

The Original Mix tears the floor up from the first beat to the last. ‘No Way Back’ is the perfect crowd controller for any peak time set. Sub rattling drum rhythms, super sized atmospherics and sizzling synth lines underpin the mix superbly.

First up on the remix duties, coming from a talented producer Derek Palmer. He once again delivers another sure-fire roof raiser on Sundance Recordings. Staying very true to the Original, Derek gives his own twist on the track by keeping a lot of the main melody and lead to deliver a highly charged euphoric workout for the uplifting crowds that flows throughout a more conventional solid trance sounding form.

Phil Dinner is up next with his remix. Having started to make a name for himself with his signature driving uplift trance sound. Pounding basslines and relentless percussion add extra drive with a remarkable breakdown and impressive main leads. Let yourself be wrapped by the majesty of this wonderful remix!

This release is surely to set any dancefloor ablaze!”

Go check it out and get your copies here

Sunrise Vision 041 : 08-02-2017

01 Nysepter – Perception Of The Night (Narel Melodic Rebuild)
02 Fiben – Gravity (Original Mix)
03 Andrew Lang – Optics (Original Mix)
04 Ryo Nakamura – Light Wind (Original Mix)
05 Alpha 9 – The Night Is Ours (Extended Mix)
06 Victoriya – Nothing Remains (Original Mix)
07 Heavy Case – Eternal (Original Mix)
08 Yasuha – Soar (Original Mix)
09 Blissful Waves – Meriva (Rick Siron Remix)
10 Jekko – After That Day (Original Mix)
11 Orbion vs. Iversoon & Alex Daf – Poseidon (Costa Remix)

Visions 254 : 08-02-2017

01 Blufeld – Nyctophilia (Slam Duck Remix)
02 Jerom – No Way Back (Derek Palmer Remix)
03 Jerom – No Way Back (Original Mix)
04 Courage – Impedance (Settler Remix)
05 Jerom – No Way Back (Phil Dinner Remix)
06 Thomas Nikki – In The Clouds (Original Mix)
07 Highforcer – Ultimate (Courage & Evenfall Remix)
08 Marcprest – Across The Universe (Extended Mix)
09 Xclusive – Evergreen (Marco Mc Neil Remix)
10 Marco Mc Neil – Powerslam (Original Mix)