Sunrise Vision 047 : 09-08-2017

01 Suffuse – Time (Narel’s Dewpoint Remix)
02 Sunlight Project – Harmonya (Original Mix)
03 Physical Dreams – Cosmic Lights (Original Mix)
04 Ron with Leeds – Angelic (Jay Hubbard Remix)
05 Sunlight Project – The Box (Original Mix)
06 Limetra – Tons Of Touch (Progressive Mix)
07 Physical Dreams – El Dorado (Original Mix)
08 Dave Horne & Robin Thurnston – Crossroads (Mikas Remix)
09 Mitiska – Sparrow (Extended Mix)

Visions 260 : 09-08-2017

01 Alcyone Project – The Worldseeker (Original Mix)
02 Ataraxia – Neon Black (Abide Remix)
03 Adam Diagon – Alien Dreams (Jerom Remix)
04 Danny Legatto – Prophecy (Last Soldier Remix)
05 Sam Laxton – Echoes (Original Mix)
06 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Empire (Original Mix)
07 Paul Steiner – Balearic Ecstasy (Original Mix)
08 Divisional Phrase – Dear Mother (Original Mix)
09 Artspace – Last Transition (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)
10 Fashion Police – Angel Touch (Extended Mix)

My remix of Adam Diagon – Alien Dreams is out now on Crystal Clouds Recordings as part of a special remix album, which is now exclusively available at Beatport and will be coming at all the other known stores too on August 18th 2017!

Crystal Clouds Recordings: “For our next album we decided to make one with special remixes of our previous releases. It is called ‘Crystalclouds Recordings Remixed’ and we asked some of our favorite artists to create new remixes of some of our favorite older tracks. It also includes a remix of one of our upcoming releases ‘Angelica S – Romance’. Thank you to all artists who worked together with us on this special first remix album.”

Go check this one out here.

Sunrise Vision 046 : 12-07-2017

01 Steve Carniel – Millenia One (Original Mix)
02 Sunlight Project – The Box (Original Mix)
03 Heavy Case – It’s Not Over (Original Mix)
04 Limetra – Tons Of Touch (Progressive Mix)
05 Nathan Profitt – Eclipse (Lunar Mix)
06 Graton – Just For You (Original Mix)
07 Heever – Galaxy (Extended Mix)
08 Vitodito – If You (Markus Hakala Remix)
09 Dave Horne & Robin Thurnston – Crossroads (Mikas Remix)
10 Shipstad & Warren – Are You With Me (Dylan Warren Remix)