My mix for this years contest to perform on the TranceAddict stage at Tomorrowland 2017 has been chosen as one of the 5 finalists! Feel free to check out my set and like and/or comment if you would like to see me perform there, simply click on the picture above or check it out here.

Maybe see you soon at the TranceAddict stage of Tomorrowland in Belgium on Saturday 29th July 2017!

New music previews of my remix of Adam Diagon – Alien Dreams and the new Anoikis vs. Jerom track Empire have been added to the music player here and on my Youtube and Soundcloud page, feel free to check them out!

Earlier this year Crystal Clouds Recordings started a new album series called ‘Best of Crystal Clouds Recordings’. Science Deal vs. Jerom – Decade (CC Anthem 2013) (Progressive Mix) was included on Best of Crystal Clouds Recordings Vol. 1 and now Jerom – Visions (Moxa Remix) is included on Best of Crystal Clouds Recordings Vol. 2.

Just click the images above to view full details of these compilations and make sure you grab your copies!

The next new Visions show is scheduled for November 2012! Due to my 2 week holiday in the beginning of October, the first show of this month already had to be postponed, as there simply wasn’t enough time and quality music to make a new set so quickly after the last episode of September. Looking ahead for Visions 200 it was necesarry to skip another set, so the 2012 Yearmix and Visions 200 could be combined into 1 mix, which is a nice milestone to celebrate!

Therefore, the Visions show will be back to its normal schedule (2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month) in November 2012 and in the following months as well of course! The next show is lined up for Wednesday 14th November, 18:00 CET on ETN and it is guaranteed to be a very special trance episode! Afterwards the big trance community Crystal Clouds will be hosting the show for download like always.

So, make sure to check this one out!