Sunrise Vision 052 : 10-01-2018

01 Roald Velden – Bright Light (Original Mix)
02 Blufeld – Mani Alie (Sledger Remix)
03 Sunlight Project – Sunday Morning Sun (Original Mix)
04 Martin LeBlanc & Nick Silvestri – Turning The Tide (Extended Mix)
05 Late Night Alumni – Montage (Mitiska Extended Signature Mix)
06 Marfen – Marbella (Original Mix)
07 Envytone featuring Scolario – Tonight (Extended Mix)
08 Miroslav Vrlik – Blue Sky (Mark & Lukas Remix)
09 Jerom – Sunrise Vision (Miroslav Vrlik Remix)
10 Vasily Goodkov – In And Out Of Love (Original Mix)
11 Jerom – Sunrise Vision (Original Guitar Mix)

Download available at Soundcloud

Visions 265 : 10-01-2018

01 Alcyone Project – Timeless Ages (Original Mix)
02 Anoikis vs. Jerom – The Return (Extended Mix)
03 Enfortro – Pass The Ketchup (Original Mix)
04 Blaine – Invisible Touch (Syntouch Remix)
05 Proyal – Still Nocturnal (Original Mix)
06 Alcyone Project – Researching The Origin (Original Mix)
07 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Leave Behind (Extended Mix)
08 O.B.M. Notion – It’s Who I Am (Exouler Remix)
09 Hyperphycron – First Contact (Original Mix)

Download available at Soundcloud End Of Year Countdown 2017 : 21-12-2017

01 Dmitriy Kuznetsov – A Magic Of Dawn (Intro Mix)
02 Adam Diagon – Alien Dreams (Jerom Remix)
03 Anoikis vs. Jerom – The Return (Extended Mix)
04 Nish – Blue Sunshine (Hiroki Nagamine Remix)
05 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Empire (Original Mix)
06 Jerom – No Way Back (Derek Palmer Remix)
07 Anoikis vs. Jerom – Leave Behind (Extended Mix)
08 Akku – Meteoro (Jimmy Chou Remix)
09 Paul Steiner – The Beginning Of My Mind (Original Mix)
10 Marcprest – Across The Universe (Extended Mix)
11 Delta IV – Till We Meet Again (Original Mix)

Download available at Soundcloud

The third new Anoikis vs. Jerom track this year called Leave Behind is out now on M.I.K.E. Push Studio which is part of the famous and legendary Blackhole Recordings. The track is now available at Beatport and iTunes as part of the M.I.K.E. Push Studio Winter Essentials 2018 sampler!

M.I.K.E. Push Studio: “Starting the new year with a spectacular EP containing carefully chosen productions just for our MPS Winter Essentials 2018. New tracks by Arman Bas & Fisical Project and Anoikis vs. Jerom. This collection will keep your ears nicely warmed to the core!”

Go check this new track out and get your copies here now!